Audi Q5 – The Manifesto

“Everyday” is taking so much space
in our times. I hardly breathe anymore.
So many things I don’t see…
I don’t notice.
So many things you are offering…
I should enjoy.
Things I might take for granted…
yet they are not.
You are reliable. I can count on you.
You comfort me. I am relaxed.
You are beautiful. I love being with you.
You have strength. I feel empowered.
You inspire me to explore.
You move me with your power.
You give me the opportunity to escape.
You allow me to dream big.
You present me with diversity.
It’s like an island of wonders becomes my playground.
All because of you…
So many things I don’t see…
Yet, you make me see things not as they are…
but as I am.
Because eventually my destination could change…
but that’s not important.
What’s important is to travel my way.
Life is calling.