Julia Koloka

Julia Koloka

Senior Creative Copywriter

“The words you are reading right now were written by a copywriter. And he made money doing it! He’s also very handsome, but that’s not relevant here. Copywriters are the handsome, good-smelling men and women who create fresh written content for advertising, marketing and descriptive texts”.

As you’re reading this, you have to know that Julia is still laughing with the above ad about the copywriting skills. Especially, the “handsome” part. But, yes, Copywriters do so. They put all their intuition, creativity, innovative ideas, humor, and know-how linguistics expertise to express the same things you think, in a different way.

Julia does that for over a decade, expressing her talents through Tv scripts, press ads, radio ads, digital content, articles, interviews, sayings, quotes, and all types of concepts, although she started her “career” as an Historian – Archaeologist (too much Indiana Jones!).

Thank God for her, she realized that her open and creative mindset cannot be ‘buried’ in a world without creative challenges! Instead, she prefers to smell nice and “dig” as deeper as she can to find the perfect concept for her clients.

Because, in the advertising world “τα αγαθά Copy’s* κτώνται”.

* “Τα αγαθά κόποις κτώνται»  – an expression in ancient Greek meaning that “good things come after works”. Here, we alterate the word “κόποις» with Copy’s, a “slang” abbreviation of the word Copywriters.