Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus

We are proud and honored to have the Bank of Cyprus, the biggest, oldest and most prestigious financial institution in Cyprus as one of our clients. Serving the bank is, as one would expect, a huge challenge and responsibility. For every BOC project we work on, we must make sure we develop the right strategy, deliver it in the best possible way using the appropriate voice without compromising creativity.

We have been working with the Bank of Cyprus since 2008, offering them holistic communication both above and below the line for a number of products, including 1bank, VISA, small business and housing loans as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects. Despite the numerous challenges and obstacles not least the financial crisis of 2013, we have launched some of the Bank’s most successful campaigns in recent years, campaigns which have left their mark on the advertising world of Cyprus and have helped us mature and develop as professionals and as individuals.

The financial crisis of 2013 made the need to support entrepreneurship, new ideas and young people in creating, all the more apparent. We are proud to have assisted in setting up the IDEA program, created by the Bank of Cyprus and CIIM to support startups and be one of the strategic partners of the program.