Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Tea

We are proud to claim a long and standing relationship with G. Charalambous, handling the account since 2001, launching new variants, new products and new brands. We have good coffee and tea to keep us alert and on our toes day in and day out to keep producing innovative, creative and relevant ideas and communication strategies.

Ahmad tea is distributed in Cyprus by G. Charalambous and like the coffee they make, Ahmad tea is a family business drawing on four generations of tea blending and tasting experience. It is a supreme quality tea line, ranging from traditional favourites to more fresh and modern herbal tea flavours. We each have our own favourite.

We are especially proud for the work we did for Ahmad tea. Our print work showing the refinement of the brand, the tradition and the qualities of the tea followed the same theme for all variants, was so successful that was even recognised by Ahmad Tea Central, in London.



Website: www.ahmadtea.com