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Don’t overlook the power of Brand Safety

June 6, 2018

by Niki Konstantinou, Media Director


Online campaigns should deliver positive consumer experience and brand’s reputation. Brand Safety is here to ensure both.

More and more platforms are serving ads programmatically resulting in limited control of the advertiser over the ads placement. This was a major issue back in March 2017 when most of the platforms suffered a big boycott from over 250 advertisers (including giant advertisers such as P&G). The initial problem was that ads appeared alongside content promoting terrorism, hate and other negative content. This raised a concern about the ‘safety’ of their brands’ reputation, cause by negative association.

A year later the issue not only continues with more and more advertisers being worried about their ads  appearing next to negative content but now their concerns are even deeper; do online ads give consumers a positive experience and do the ads relate to their brand promise and value proposition?

An extremely vital question, especially taking into consideration that online advertising is becoming increasingly more important into the media mix. As per a recent article in the eMarketer: “recall is better with online video ads vs. TV ads”.

The answer comes down to the need of brands to run their online ads in a safe, appropriate and relevant environment, ensuring positive association and recall.

Personally, I can’t imagine a professional advertiser would be willing to pay for his/ hers ads to appear next to offensive, or contextually irrelevant content, just because it’s a ‘trending’ topic. I would even dare say that the old and so overused saying: “there is no bad publicity, only good publicity” has come to an end.

Today most of the platforms offer verification technologies that provide various levels of brand safety initiated after March 2017.  Ever since, we have seen improvement towards transparency, optimizations of tools and third-party verifications.

From the advertiser’s side, lies the initial responsibility to think through a suitable digital strategy that determines and defines the acceptable level of risk their brands are able to take. Based on this strategy they should develop their sets of ‘black-lists’ and ‘white-lists’ to ensure their digital campaigns run in safe environments.  However, the advertisers’ responsibility does not end here, as the digital environment is changing rapidly and therefore should be continuously on alert. Having said that, new tools and technologies always come to surface and can be used to their benefit.

One can say that brand safety is dynamic and a “work in progress”. We will be seeing more changes in the near future as the digital world is changing exponentially and the industry is pushing towards a solution.

Brand safety will remain relevant in the years to come and a hot topic for further discussion. Brands and their media agencies should rise up to the occasion to draft brand safety strategies and select to work with third party verification agencies if needed to safeguard the brands.


Audi Q5. Life is calling. The concept behind the Manifesto.

April 24, 2018

by Efthymios Charmalias, Art Director


To create for a brand like Audi is an exciting and full of challenges process but at the end the journey is always rewarding. This time, it all started with the need to create local content in order to make the brand relevant with the Cypriot market. Brands like Audi, do not create tailor made campaigns for smaller markets, which sometimes make them seem distant no matter how established they are.

We did not wish to create product material. We chose to be inspiring and promote the philosophy of Audi and that of the Q5 model. That way we helped build emotional ties with the brand. Cypriots are deeply connected with their land and its landscape. To create a campaign with the car integrated in this landscape immediately brings back memories and gives the public the opportunity to discover places that maybe never knew existed.

The text that would accompany the campaign was supposed to also bring out the essence of Audi Q5, of the island and of the Cypriot audience. It had to be able to work on two levels, referring to the island and the car at the same time. Therefore, the writing had to be personal and uplifting in a way.

A first draft of the manifesto was already written before we had a chance to see the photographic material from Silvio. But once we saw the final outcome it was clear that we were on the right track.

The Audi Q5 Manifesto starts by describing our everyday life and the realization of this hectic situation that does not leave much room for appreciation of our surroundings and taking advantage of the opportunities offered to us.

It continues with the elements and the effect the Cypriot landscape and the Audi Q5 have upon a man. Strength, beauty and diversity are only some of their common characteristics that are offered profusely.

Then it becomes obvious that the island is a «playground» ready to be explored. A territory that includes infinite microworlds of unimaginable beauty waiting to be explored. And the best way to take this journey is with Audi Q5 that allows drivers to travel «their way».

The final declaration of the Audi Q5 Manifesto «Life is calling» is basically a wake up call for all of us and at the same time something bigger than us. It is the joy of life itself. And these are words to live by.

Check out the Manifesto of the Audi Q5. Life is calling campaign below:

“Everyday” is taking so much space in our times. I hardly breathe anymore.

So many things I don’t see…I don’t notice.

So many things you are offering…I should enjoy.

Things I might take for granted…yet they are not.

You are reliable. I can count on you.

You comfort me. I am relaxed.

You are beautiful. I love being with you.

You have strength. I feel empowered.

You inspire me to explore.

You move me with your power.

You give me the opportunity to escape.

You allow me to dream big.

You present me with diversity.

It’s like an island of wonders becomes my playground.

All because of you…

So many things I don’t see…Yet, you make me see things not as they are…but as I am.

Because eventually my destination could change…but that’s not important.

What’s important is to travel my way.

Life is calling.


Three and the cuckoo (unless cuckoo is an Ιnfluencer)

March 22, 2018

by Margarita Demou, Client Director


maggieI belong to a generation known as generation X, the generation of limited choices! One TV channel, one or two favorite series like the “Little House on the Prairie” or the “Bonanza”, does that remind you of something? For us, the entertainment, as children and as teenagers, was confined to an endless play in the huts with all the neighborhood kids until late at night, on the VHS cassette that we were fiddly recording songs from our favorite “Request Time” show, and the 2 or 3 kinds of ice-cream – oh how I loved the “triangle”! The landline telephone placed in a prominent place in the living room, always busy, if a teenager was at home. We all faithfully followed the idols of the time, while our friends had the best solutions for everything – priceless! As for the elders, they had the same limited choices both in information and entertainment.

Then, the triumphant Millenials established their presence as the generation of self-confidence that swears by technology. The “many choices” generation. A deprecated, however, generation. Many surveys classify them as the “ego” generation, as people who are more materialistic and self-centered and aren’t engaged with the public. The characterization though isn’t irrelevant. For them, technology is a powerful communication and information tool – is a way of living. For this generation, any technological malpractice is a crime. On the other hand, the Millenials love the different! They are open to social trends changes. It is the generation that has adopted a new way of shopping, and has prompted us to cry out “Live the e-commerce”!

Today, we are fortunate enough to have the generation Z (Genz). The generation born by holding a smartphone in hand, which literally lives through social media, first learned to surf and then read, write, communicate without many words. The teenagers of today. The internet friends, the importance of mobility in their profile and their substantial social isolation are scientifically and socially worth of examination. They learn everything through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and through these pools of ideas and kind of “sociability” they get influenced, adopt and follow the trends of a virtual reality, trust the advice of friends or strangers, more than the companies which are totally indifferent for them.

Can these three generations coexist and be influenced by the same content? Clearly not. And, if you try to do it, you are going to feel like “cuckoo” the bird (aka alone). We are now living the tailor-made era. The modern types of communication give us the opportunity to create attractive content with value for each recipient individually, according to his / her own needs and interests in the form he/she is interested in, in the way that he/she can assimilate without necessarily speaking to him/her as a brand directly. It is no coincidence that we see lately the use of influencers! Personalities such as athletes, presenters, bloggers, models are “recruited” on the basis of their relevance to the brand, their dynamics in how much they can influence and create trends in their audiences. No one can question the dynamics of influencers. One thing is left, to select people with the right criteria, matching the profile of the brand, having real influence and creating value for the brand.

We are welcomed to a new era – the time of the Influencer Marketing!


The Mall of Cyprus: Expanding Experiences!

September 21, 2017

It’s official! The Mall of Cyprus’ expansion begins! The first shopping centre of its kind in Cyprus is expanding experiences and we have been selected as the official communication partners, handling all ATL and BTL activities, to spread the word and keep consumers updated throughout the project.



New site!

March 20, 2017

And it is up! Our new site is online. Following our minimalistic design philosophy, our award-winning friends at Admine, developed an online environment where visitors can find more about us and our job as… communications guardian angels. Browse through it. (more…)



January 18, 2017

We are REELly happy about our work in 2016 and it shows… In our Showreel 2016! Hit the play button and see our creative work for our esteemed clients. We hope you’ll like it. (more…)


Q2 Event

How do you launch a car that goes by the ‘unconventional’ personality and it is communicated as something that cannot fit into any box or confide in any stereotype? You organise an event that goes by the same adjective as the car: #untaggable. The goal was to create an audiovisual experience; something that people could interact with and live the car’s attributes, #fashion, #design and #music and on top, to create massive awareness and buzz. And oh, did we did that! By inviting influencers and VIP’s to the event and by enabling conversations online through the #untaggable we managed to get countless posts and tens of thousands of comments and likes. The extensive media coverage of the event and the car paved the road to our ATL launch campaign.



GIC Online Motor Behind-the-Scenes

January 16, 2017

Another one of our funny concepts came to life in January, this time advertising the new online motor insurance platform of General Insurance of Cyprus. The shooting experience was of course awesome and we can’t wait for more campaigns for GIC!

… Aaaaand it’s a wrap!!! (more…)